Saturday, 23 April 2016

Key Facts about Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

In the middle of new term "Private cloud" in IT Cloud world, seems to be bit confusing. So what it is, who uses, why it is advantageous and how it is differentiated from Public Cloud?
This blog shows you different available options of cloud.

Different Cloud Options
Cloud computing is divided into three: public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. You can differentiate between public, private and hybrid clouds in terms of security and management, depending on the work you are dealing with.

Public Cloud is a form of cloud computing which provides service, is potentially off premises and relies on third party cloud service provider for services like servers, applications and data storage. The services are rendered over a network and are open for public use.

Private Cloud offers same features and benefits of public cloud systems. It ensures security and is completely managed by enterprise or else enterprise has support to manage it as a dedicated private cloud.
Hybrid Cloud utilizes both on-premises private clouds as well as off-premises public cloud to perform distinct functions within the corporate firewall. It is becoming famous as users of public cloud are interested accessing some of its benefits and some adaptive qualities of private cloud.  As it a custom solution that combines both the environments allowing dynamic shifting from one to the other, many providers are associated with it.

An example can be given of hybrid cloud that is, having development in private cloud and production in a public cloud.

One of the major worrisome for IT departments and enterprises related to Public cloud is lacking of security and control to the certain degree. On the other hand, enterprise private cloud is beneficial with the governance and control that your organization needs.
Private cloud is advantageous for those organizations
  • Who want to keep their cloud applications and environments in-house
  • Who don’t allow transactions outside the firewall and have security and compliance requirements
  • Who plan to consolidate data centers and operations 
  • Who want to use the existing IT environment to get benefits of cloud with minimum disruption
Facts about Cloud
Fact 1
  • There are myriad of IT departments that are managing Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds for a long time.
  • You cannot to transfer in a mean time to the cloud.
  • But the existence of Cloud systems needs to be recognized.

Fact 2
  • There are many was to adopt clouds.
  • You can move development or testing environments to public cloud.
  • On-premise database/application can also be moved to private cloud.
  • Control migration to private and then public cloud
  • You can move selected projects to public cloud
  • You can use public cloud depending on your work and time or on the basis of demand
 Oracle Cloud Backup Services

Fact 3
It is important for IT departments to support application whether they are public cloud, private cloud or
All application should comply with the standards to architectural and operational requirements.
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance

Private and Public Cloud Management

The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers a complete integrated, secure and business-driven enterprise cloud management and monitoring solution. The journey to cloud is simplified with a single pane of glass for hybrid cloud management provided by OEM.

Even EM Cloud Control provides a single pane of glass monitors and manages both On-Premise and Oracle Cloud deployments, from same management console. Latest release of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 5 ( introduced Hybrid Cloud Management. Deployment of Hybrid Cloud Agents onto the Oracle Cloud virtual hosts serving Oracle Cloud services is managed seamlessly. Security is maintained from external interference, between the communication of Management Agents and your On-Premise Oracle Management Service. The use of additional external HTTP proxies that support tunneling is supports by EM Cloud Control that is configured to connect to Oracle cloud for the gateway agents.

Know about a Private cloud, how it is useful in cloud computing when you keep valuable Information secure and is controlled by your organization.  You can experience malleability, safety and authority within corporate firewall with the help of an enterprise private cloud.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Effective Business Intelligence Services – Take Your Business To New Level

Managing a business is not the most difficult thing, but small business owners often make a mess of it. This is because small business owners have to manage a lot of things at a time. With human intelligence, such high level of multi-tasking is often not possible. As a result, many small scale businesses get faded out gradually, facing severe challenges due to indecisiveness. Small business owners need artificial business intelligence or precisely technology based businessintelligence services. Here in the following section, essence as well as benefits of business intelligence through cloud dba services has been discussed.

Decision Gets Easier and Faster

Business owners need to understand the rush for making the right decision at the right time. If you cannot make the right decision within the right time, your business will face slump in competitive environment. Rivals businesses will get significant competitive edge over your business due to your indecision. With professional Microsoft database and application development, you will be endowed to enjoy faster and easier business decisions.

More Profitability Assured

With artificial business intelligence solutions, you have more profitability assurance. You can take your business to a significant leap with effective decision making through technology based services.

Excellent Database Management

Success of a business hugely depends on the database management. Good database management helps preserving important data that can be sorted at the right moment to make the right choices. With effective Oracle Cloud ERP services, experience high class database management solutions.

Making Business More Customer Friendly

The ultimate aim of a business owner should be making the business customer friendly. If that happens immense profitability and excellent brand exposure are assured. For making business customer friendly, professional and effective business intelligence solution is required. For that you need finding a reliable as well as professional service provider. Choose a reputed company, which has proven expertise in business intelligence services.